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For this design, the objective was to create a harmonious balance between natural and man-made elements and compliment the home's modernist design aesthetic. To achieve this, the design incorporates a variety of tropical plants that are well-suited to Florida's climate, with a natural arrangement, framed in formal edges.

The stone paving is used to create a cohesive and uniform surface throughout the outdoor space. Large slabs of natural stone are used to create a minimalistic look that complements the design of the home but also grounds the space in its context.  The pool, kept to a simple rectangular shape and clean lines, blends seamlessly into the space.  The entry garden provides a linear, welcoming entrance to the home. The garden is designed with simple lines and features a mix of low-growing tropical plants and stone elements.

Overall, the landscape design for this modernist home in Florida is an intentional blend of natural and man-made elements that creates a cohesive and visually striking outdoor space, complimenting, rather than conflicting with the minimalist architecture.


Miami, FL




Under Construction



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