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Miami Lakes Bridge Park Perspective.jpg

This project offered the opportunity to reimagine a site of abandonment and create a new area ripe for recreation, connection, activity, gatherings, and events for all users from nearby neighborhoods.


Our design for Miami Lakes Bridge Park was proposed and submitted to the Town of Miami Lakes for the revitalization of a 30-acre site, featuring an abandoned bridge that traverses the I-75 highway. The project aims to create a social landmark for the town while reinforcing connections between the surrounding neighborhoods.


We conceived of the park as a series of linear experiences that reveal themselves to the user as they ascend the elevated bridge. A tree-lined green corridor, equipped with social seating elements, functions as a connector between two communities, Miami Lakes and Hialeah. Bridge Park will feature a series of passive and actively programmed spaces, including amphitheater seating areas for performances, open lawns for outdoor community events, overlook areas that offer expansive views of the town, learning gardens, and play areas. The horticulture consists of hardy, lush, and low maintenance native trees and grasses. Lou Arencibia was the Lead Designer and Project Manager for this project while at Land Collective.


Miami, FL





Miami Lakes Bridge Park Plan.jpg
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