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Our design for the Khan Korman House landscape simultaneously emphasizes and extends the beauty of the home, expanding its visual range while introducing new opportunities for enjoyment.


The Kahn Korman House was Louis Kahn’s final residential project, and therefore its care and upkeep remain especially pivotal to the Korman family legacy. Our landscape vision plan for the estate has been designed as a walking narrative, one that establishes site lines and distant views to and from the house throughout the property, with changing elevations establishing areas for focused attention.


One primary aim of the design has been to find the balance between manicured landscape and informal gardening. The proposed design for promontory utilizes the implied grid of the residence as an organizer, thus creating an elevated plateau that reinforces views towards the house. Additional key project components include a contemplative garden, reflecting pool, formal garden terrace, and mown wandering paths. Lou was the Lead Designer and Project Manager for this project while at Land Collective.


Fort Washington, PA




In Progress

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