Eco Park Master Plan

Confidential Project

Years of ecological fragmentation have led to a decline in the area’s biodiversity creating a monoculture of plant species that is not reflective of the region’s biological and botanical richness. The plan focuses on creating a low-impact design with a blended ecological experience that increases wetland and upland habitat and expands access to the park’s diverse environment. To inform the design recommendations, environmental scientists that specialize in aquatic biology, terrestrial ecology, and ecosystem restoration were consulted. A series of circuitous water channels varying in width and depth are strategically located to enhance user experience and increase habitat, restoring the region’s ecosystem. The network of proposed channels maximizes much-needed water flow to isolated bodies of water while creating a vibrant network of green spaces. Proposed recreational amenities and activities include nature walks, scenic overlooks, guided tours, biking, fishing, kayaking, kiteboarding, birding, an educational center, and beach camping.