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This modular and flexible educational center lets students give form to their playground and learning spaces. Their world-building materializes before their eyes in real time and allows them to exist within their own creations.


Designed to complement the teachings of the Montessori method, the excess interior and exterior spaces of this renovation project are transformed into malleable educational amenity gardens. Primarily programmed for student play, the space encourages students to build, stack, and form their playground with the use of soft seating modules. The design features moveable planters and seats, allowing teachers to adjust their classroom size and accommodate diverse programming. The students can also interact with the planters for experimentation, garden science, and play.


The Clementine Montessori School Playscape & Garden is accessible to parents and students  through a small entry garden that buffers from the adjacent parking area, proceeding to a large flex-space called the Play Grove. The upper level of the Play Grove features a library space with seating for staff and students, with storage hidden within the built elements to house teaching materials and event items. The patio directly connected to the individual classrooms is an extension of the learning space, one that allows for a comfortable and stimulating socio-educational experience.


Clementine Montessori School


Philadelphia, PA




Olson Kundig

We Are Carbon

Craft Engineering


Lou Arencibia, Morgan Mangelsen, Christopher Rouhi



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