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Drawing inspiration from the rich and complex range of landscape typologies throughout the Philippines, the site design for this farm-to-table restaurant proposes to transform a barren site into an ecologically diverse ecosystem. Located thirty-eight kilometers north from the Taal Volcano, Cavite Restaurant and Farm is strategical embedded into the landscape making the natural environment an integral part of the guests culinary experience. The cantilevered restaurant is organized around a lush open-air courtyard, where upon finishing their meal, visitors have the opportunity to reconnect with nature via a nature loop. This continuous loop connects visitors to a series of unique amenity and garden spaces. Other key elements of the design include an event lawn, three greenhouses, visitor cabins, support staff facilities, fruit orchard, free-range animal grazing areas, a barn, and a sculpture garden with a dedicated overlook seating area.


Silang, Philippines




Matthew Davis


In Progress

Image by Matthew Davis

Image by Matthew Davis

Image by Matthew Davis

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