351 Rouse Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA

Formerly a brownfield site, the design for a new central plaza at the Philadelphia Navy Yard establishes an active space that embraces an innovative and collaborative work environment. The 4-acre remediated site is the new Campus Headquarters for Adamtimune, a biotech company that is a world leader in T-cell therapy. The project aims to create a series of social green spaces for both employees and visitors, providing a flexible plaza for events, gatherings, distinct seating elements, and lush plantings.


Located at the center of the site is an existing electrical substation structure, one of two that provide energy to the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The unkempt utilitarian structure, made of brick and concrete, initially presented challenges to the design. We re-imagined this constraint as an opportunity to recognize the substations contribution of energy to the region. Drawing inspiration from Doug Wheeler’s Light and Space installation, a simple aluminum edge and LED strip light is incorporated into the building’s facade. The luminous blue light celebrates the energy within the structure while becoming a visual amenity for the campus. Lou was the Lead Designer and Project Manager for 351 Rouse Boulevard while at Land Collective.